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Andy Roots Dixie Club Jazzband
Roots Dixie Club, Restaurant Bären Aegerten
International Old Time Jazz Meeting, Kongresshaus Bienne

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Andy Root's Dixie Club Jazzband:
Well, here is a new Band from swinging Switzerland. But is it really a new Band or is it something else?

Well, to make a long story short: It is not a new band, it is a combination of musicians which know each other but have never played together yet.
     Many, many years ago famous Eddie Condon hat an idea like that and called these groups "Session-Bands". Andy Root picked up this idea and since he has a very nice Jazz-Club in Aegerten, these bands will be called Andy Root's Dixie Club Jazzband. By the way, I think you all know Andy Root very well. He also is the bandleader of the Swiss Dixie Stompers.

And his real name is André J. Racine. (Racine = Root).

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